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I have been a general practice physician in Connecticut since 1997.  I graduated from Harvard College and Yale Medical School and completed my internship and residency at Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, CT.  I am board certified with the American Board of Family Medicine and stay up-to-date with their requirements and continuing medical education.  I maintain my medical license with the state of Connecticut.  I have been working in hospital-based primary care clinics, first with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital/Yale New Haven Health in New London, CT, and then with Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, CT.  I remain on the active medical staff of both of these hospital systems.  My patient care has ranged from newborn to hospice care and everything in between.  In addition to outpatient clinical medicine throughout, I spent 9 years in all aspects of inpatient hospital care including emergency and intensive care.  I have been given a breadth and depth of experience upon which to draw.  This gives me a broad and deep understanding of the health issues that patients face.

Coupled with this background in medical care, I am committed to the emotional, psychological and spiritual development of my patients.  I see health in this larger framework of the unique personal journey of human life.

As healthcare has continued to speed up, I decided to step down from primary care in 2019 to a semi-retirement and continue to provide the dedicated care and attention that I believe is necessary.  Slow medicine is what I practice.  The Slow Medicine Movement, recently coined by physicians troubled with these accelerating changes in the healthcare environment, embraces the need for careful, focused, sensitive, respectful, measured assessment of a person's health situation.  It appreciates the body's tendency to manifest symptoms slowly, as well as to heal slowly, as many natural organic processes do. 

I am married to Cary, a licensed clinical social worker, and the father of two adult children.  I live simply and enjoy running when my knee lets me, hiking, meditation, and just being human!

a new office space completed 12/2023

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