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Slow Medicine in Fast Times:

A General Medicine Consultation Service

I am an experienced Family Medicine physician providing general consultative care and health direction for those who find themselves stuck and need more time and attention than the healthcare system currently allows.  I practice my own brand of "Slow Medicine," valuing active listening, focused attention, the formulating  of a clear question that leads to selective research, clear communicating of assessments and plans for care, and the slow organic process of understanding and healing.   I will work with you (and your doctors) to help bring more understanding of what may be going on in your body and move you towards healing.

My consultations can be done at your convenience, in person at my office or your home (if local), over the phone, or on Zoom, FaceTime or Skype video conferencing.  I take no health insurance payments but instead charge an hourly fee of $150 for my services.

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